A Team of Champions

Everyone who purchases a New or Certified Used vehicle wants to maintain that “New Car” look for as long as possible. The Champion Car Coverage™ (CCC) protection plan helps you to fulfill that dream by covering your vehicle for door dings, dents, paint damage, windshield stars, interior rips and tears and scuffed Alloy whells when you purchase a 3 or 5 year protection plan. PDR is a non-invasive dent and ding repair solution for the vertical metal panels found on your vehicle. PDR technicians use custom tools massaging the dented panel back into its original shape without the use of any paint or fillers ... Learn More


A Peace of Mind

The Champion Car Coverage™ protection plan covers Paint repairs,Windshield star cracks, Fabric/Leather/Vinyl rips and tears up to two (2) inches, Alloy Wheels and dents and door dings up to the size of a standard credit card. The damage is repaired by using the PDR method of massaging out the dent with specialized tools using no fillers or paint. Repairable areas are limited to vertical exterior body panels only. The Champion Car Coverage™ protection plan does not cover any type of collision damage, sharp creases, large dents, hail or surfaces where the paint has been damaged. A technician will ... Learn More


100% Customer Satisfaction

With the Champion Car Coverage™ protection plan you can feel confident that your customers will be treated with the same high quality and respect that you expect from your own employees. Champion Car Coverage™ offers their protection plan for all new vehicles. All certified used vehicles are also available for the program once one of our technicians verified that the vehicle is damage free ... Learn More


A Proven Technology

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a process used to remove dents and door dings from your vehicle. Unlike the traditional way of using body fillers and paint found at a body shop, certified technicians use specialized tools that gently massage the metal back to its original shape without disturbing the surface of the paint, leaving your vehicle looking new again... Learn More

File a Claim Get Coverage

A Vehicle Protection Plan

If for some unfortunate reason that your vehicle receives a door ding, a scratch, a windshield star, a tear in the interior Champion Car Coverage™ has made it easy for their customers to file a claim. Once you are enrolled in the protection plan and you need to make a claim you simply log-in at or call Champion Car Coverage™ at 1-877-705-4001, prior to any work performed, to arrange for repairs. All services are performed at the service drive of the dealership you purchased your vehicle. While you relax in the customers lounge, repairs are performed by technicians approved by Champion Car Coverage™ ensuring the highest quality results. Repairs are typically completed in less than one hour.