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Netease Sports reported on October 21:




Wang Baoshan concluded after the game: "The game was very difficult. In the first half of the game, we clearly saw the opponent change their formation, which caught us off guard. It also reflected that we were in a 2-goal lead especially in the top 30. Minutes are more conservative. After 30 minutes, we adjusted our strategy in time to limit the offense that opponents could suppress. The process of the game will not go into detail. TEDA has encountered unprecedented diffi亚博游戏app正规版culties this year."


Wang Baoshan expressed four gratitudes: "First, I would like to thank the club for trusting me when the team is in difficulty. Second, I want to thank my players. The team used to play 4 guards and adjusted my tactics. Accepted and implemented it well in the game. Third, thank the TEDA fans on the expedition for their great support. Fourth, thank Ai Ha in particular. Before we set off to Dalian, Ai Ha’s father won the new crown, and he still has it. Rescue in the hospital. In this case, we cannot ask him to stay. We are facing relegation. There is no way to tell him that he should go home to take care of his father. As a professional player, he chose to stay and finish when the team was most difficult. For the task of relegation, I personally express my gratitude to Aiha on behalf of the whole team."


Wang Baoshan talked about the team’s next arrangements: “Relegation is our first task. We have completed the club’s tasks and goals this year. We will continue to carry forward our technical and tactical style and spirit in the next games. Play well."


Wang Baoshan said frankly: "According to the number of days, today is the 60th day of coaching at TEDA. I played in Suzhou in the first stage. From the first day I took over the team, I was very anxious in my heart. Our team encountered unprecedented Difficulties. The previous coach’s failure to come back led to unsystematic training. In addition, the team’s morale was hit due to staff disorganization and foreign aid injuries. The team’s state was originally not good. In this process, from the players to the coaches were very tortured. I have been observing the characteristics of each player, especially in the intermittent period of more than ten days. Starting from the technical and tactical training, some changes have been made, and then the new foreign aid has been added, which has provided favorable support for our technical and tactical play. , This is really not easy."


Cruyff concluded after the game: "Obviously, I am very sad about the final result of the game. Today, I also worked hard. After giving everything on the field, we also have the opportunity to score goals. Sometimes football is like this. Facing today’s opponents is the same as in the previous game. They got few chances but scored goals. Relatively speaking, our goal conversion rate is not that high. The players have also fought and struggled. , I firmly believe that we will achieve the desired results if we maintain this kind of energy, fighting spirit, and fighting attitude."


For the next game, Cruyff said: "We are making changes and preparations in our thinking. After all, in the last round of the previous stage, we were struggling for the place in the championship group. At this stage, we have to relegation. Desperately, we must adapt to the current changes in our minds as soon as possible, realize the meaning of the next game to us, and devote everything to prepare for the next game."


TEDA won 1 game in 16 games and was relegated successfully. A reporter asked Cruyff whether this system is fair, and Ke replied, “Goals are sometimes related to the state. When the state is hot, you may score a lot. With the ball, the efficiency is not so high when the state is not so good. We have also been creating opportunities. To win the game is what we should do. Regarding the league’s competition system, each of us knows the rules, so we accept it and the opponent is The transfer window was also used for reinforcement between the two stages of the game."






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